Autism in Females: Overlooked & Underserved (ASD201)

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    This course is also offered as part of the Autism Across the Lifespan Certificate Package

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an often-overlooked diagnosis, is even more often missed in females than in males. Those with an unnoticed or inaccurate diagnosis are often saddled with inappropriate and unproductive labels (such as bossy or picky) and diagnoses, such as borderline personality or bipolar disorders. Furthermore, females with ASD are at heightened risk for mood fluctuations, suicide, sexual abuse, and difficulties adapting to social demands.

    This introductory/intermediate course is part of a continuing series on autism spectrum disorder. Renowned ASD expert, Dr. Regan reviews the state of autism diagnosis in females, why it is essential, and how to recognize spectrum qualities in both girls and women. This course emphasizes enhancing therapists’ knowledge of what to look for when working with females whose behaviors may at times be perplexing and/or appear to adversely impact treatment. Although intervention is not emphasized in this course, understanding how to better assess and evaluate these types of behaviors is essential to better care.

    As part of this course case examples are provided to promote a better understanding of some of the challenges clinicians might encounter in their work.


    • Overview of Diagnostic Disparities Between Males and Females on the Autism Spectrum
    • Reasons Females May Fly Under the Diagnostic Radar
      • social behavior
      • internalizing features
      • traditional female stereotypes
    • Common Misdiagnoses and Associated Diagnoses
    • Why a Correct Diagnosis Matters
      • risks of a missing diagnosis
      • benefits of a correct diagnosis
    • Characteristics of Autism in Females
      • social communication and relationships
      • camouflaging
      • restricted repetitive behaviors
    • The Impact of Hormone Shifts on Autism Characteristics
      • puberty
      • menstruation
      • pregnancy
      • menopause
    • Clinical Examples
      • adolescent
      • adult
      • mature adult