Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Every Clinician Needs to Know (ASD101)

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    This course is also offered as part of the Autism Across the Lifespan Certificate Package

    Whether in therapy, school, work, or interpersonal relationships, what at times appears to be lack of progress, resistance, or non-compliance can more accurately be attributed to symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Too often the diagnosis is overlooked based on misunderstood or outdated concepts, which is frustrating to patients, families, and clinicians alike. In this course, Theresa Regan, PhD, guides therapists through what they need to know to recognize the symptoms, understand some of the myths and controversies surrounding the disorder, and determine when a referral to a specialist is indicated.

    This introductory course is comprised of six segments presented in video, audio or text versions. Information is drawn from the latest research, over twenty years of clinical work, and Dr. Regan’s personal experiences with her adolescent son on the autism spectrum. Case presentations highlight the various ways Autism Spectrum Disorder uniquely manifests throughout the lifespan, providing clinicians with an appreciation of the challenges of identifying the disorder. Content also highlights how once the disorder is understood, therapists can have greater impact on the lives of their clients. Additional references are provided for further study, but they are not part of the course.