Couples In Therapy: Working Effectively (CIT101)

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    Most clients who enter couples counseling have tried many methods of resolution beforehand. Some couples arrive in therapy with one member dragging the other, sometimes they are on the brink of divorce, and other times they are in the midst of recovery from an affair. Couples typically appear with entrenched arguments, unhealthy power dynamics, and frequently very painful histories. In this context, the therapist’s job is to help couples find clarity, more productive communication, and ultimately a more balanced relationship. For some couples, this may ultimately lead to separation. Every option is on the table when a couple walks into therapy, making couples counseling a complex and rich area of work.This intermediate level course is composed of four audios of live presentations by the engaging Dr. Marty Klein, esteemed sexuality expert, award-winning author, and veteran couples therapist. These audios cover the topics of power, conflict, agency, vocabulary, skills, modeling, and many others. The course also includes a text article on recovering from affairs in therapy. Transcripts are available for the audio materials.