Dual Relationships Package Deal (DR14PKG)


Dual Relationships: The Ethical Way (DR301)

Managing Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical and Clinical Considerations (DMR201)

Boundaries in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical and Clinical Considerations (BPC201)

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    This package fulfills the California and other states’ ethics and law requirements. Courses may qualify for insurance discount. Check with your insurer.


    This unique online CE courses saving package on dual relationships (AKA multiple relationships) addresses the complexities of dual relationships in a flexible, ethical, realistic and non-dogmatic way. In contrast to the myth of the depravity of dual relationships, this package illustrates that many types non-sexual dual relationships are unavoidable, ethical and, in fact, can increase the effectiveness of treatment. Such ethical dual relationships can be an integral part of well-formulated treatment plans.

    The courses in this saving package feature Dr. Zur’s pioneering work in therapeutic boundaries and dual relationships. The courses clarify that dual relationships are unavoidable in many rural and small communities, such as churches, synagogues, gay and lesbian, military, minority and disabled communities. It also dispels the rather paranoid and unfounded myth that non-sexual dual relationships inevitably lead to sexual relationships and illustrates how familiarity and duality can speed up treatment, increase therapeutic effectiveness and reduce (rather than increase) the possibility of clients being exploited by their therapists.

    The courses in this package outline the stance of different professional codes of ethics on dual relationships, defines and describes the different types of dual relationships and provides detailed ethical decision-making and clinical guidelines for handling dual relationships or multiple relationships ethically. Additional extensive lists resources and references are provided for further study.

    Disclaimer: The courses offered in this program regarding Dual & Multiple Relationships are purely educational and do not intend to serve as a license (or permission) to mental health professionals to prescribe or practice any of the approaches discussed in this program unless they fall within the scope of practice of your profession. Check with your licensing board about the scope of practice of your profession to make sure you practice within that scope. It also does not serve as a permission to title yourself in any specific way.