Interventions in Autism: Helping Clients Stay Centered, Connect with Others, and Engage in Life (ASD401)

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    This course is also offered as part of the Autism Across the Lifespan Certificate Package

    With increased autism awareness in our communities comes an increase in clients seeking autism-informed clinicians who provide appropriate interventions. The mental health clinician may realize the importance of specialized training but not know where to turn.

    This introductory/intermediate level course consists of five videos with audio and transcript versions. It is designed to equip clinicians who serve clients across the lifespan (school-aged through retirement). Using a lifespan approach, the course covers the three most frequent intervention needs of the autistic client: emotional regulation, social and relationship skills, and adaptive behavior. The content is geared toward the counseling setting and does not teach applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Multiple clinical scenarios are presented to illustrate intervention concepts.


    • Introduction to Intervention Concepts
      • How to Create Therapeutic Goals
      • Using a Strategic Approach
      • Expectations for Outcomes
    • Emotional and Behavioral Regulation
      • Definition and Relevance to Autism
      • Traditional Mental Health Approaches
      • Alternative Approaches for the Individual
      • Alternative Approaches: Sensory Inputs
      • Alternative Approaches for the Group/Family
    • Social Skills Training
      • Goal Setting
      • Social Approach
      • Reciprocal Interactions
      • Social Responses
      • Nonverbal Communication
    • Relationship Training
      • ABCs of Relationships
      • Advanced Relationship Skills
      • Reciprocal Relationships
    • Adaptive Behavior
      • The Challenges of Engagement in Daily Life
      • Taking a Strategic Approach
      • Access to Rewards
      • Increasing Life Skills