Psychosis and Therapy: Integrative Approaches for Well-Being and Healing (PSY101)

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    Regardless of where one works, most therapists in their career will come across someone who has had an experience of psychosis. Whether a client, a family member or friend of someone who has experienced psychosis, or even a colleague. The trouble is that this diagnosis continues to be shrouded in uncertainty, negative views on outcome, and a lack of clarity for treatment. This can leave the therapist feeling alone and unsupported to address the specialized needs of the client. The good news however is that psychosis can be treated effectively in a manner that relapse and severity can either be decreased or avoided entirely. In this webinar therapists will learn how to begin that process by bolstering existing tools and strengths in a way that can be utilized immediately with clients. Extreme experiences are painful enough. Learn how to implement strategies that provide clients a path to a meaningful life.

    This 3-hour introductory training consists of two videos with audio versions as well as transcripts. Five main topics for effective therapy are covered. Dr. Mackey begins by reviewing research indicating that not only do people recover from episodes of psychosis, but how therapy is an important part of that process. She then introduces common strategies for successful interventions and follows-up with normalization of intense experiences for client and therapist alike. The impact of telehealth and treatment for better and for worse is discussed. Finally, time is allocated to addressing how the connection in treatment, i.e. the therapeutic relationship, offers a deeply meaningful support for both client and therapist.

    This training is designed to bolster therapists’ confidence, skillsets, and efficacy when working with families and clients experiencing psychosis.